Are You Moved In Yet?!

December 2, 2018
Posted in Life
December 2, 2018 Ashley

“Are you moved in yet?!” If I had to hear that question one more time I was probably going to explode. Not because I mind people asking about my life – but because the project of the house has been….well…..a long time coming.

I can finally say the answer is yes, we are moved in. Previously, Matt (my boyfriend) and I had been spending every night at my apartment – which was fine – but having your belongings at two separate places for over a year, while the house was getting worked, on was definitely not convenient.

Matt’s house had to get some things fixed – which then turned into other things that needed fixing, updated, etc.

Well, 8-9 months later, we’re now moved back into the house, and in the process of getting settled in and finishing A LOT both inside and out. Shout out to Sebastian Moving in Orlando who did a great job getting all of my stuff carefully over to the house – they had a truck and I had three movers that really made moving not so sucky. There’s not much more I DREAD, than moving.

I’ll be sharing the process as we go, but wanted to at least give you a life update on where we are with the house. We are in it. And that’s a BIG step!