Making A House A Home: Master Bedding

December 2, 2018
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December 2, 2018 Ashley

Moving into a house can be stressful. A lot can go wrong, a lot can get pushed back with timing, and – if you’re like us – you won’t have appliances for the first two weeks because a very large home improvement store (I won’t name names….Home Depot….cough, cough) messes up your order and you’re left with eating out for basically every meal.

But, we have a bed to sleep in, a couch to lounge on, running water, heat and A/C….I cannot complain – especially when you put it in perspective. Since moving in, I’ve been able to decorate some of the spaces – one of them being the master bedroom.

Let me first say that Matt had no problem telling me that he’s not the best with decorating, ha, ha – and that I was going to be in charge of everything for the interior. I LOVE decorating, and being able to decorate our home to our liking was a task I had no problem taking on.

Now, since the bedroom isn’t 100 percent complete yet, I wanted to at least share the bedding. I was so impressed I was able to find something so unique and inexpensive at….wait for it….yes, Target! I knew for the bedroom colors, I wanted to do earthy tones – tan, white, grey, etc.

This king quilt is the first time I’ve ever had quilt on a bed instead of a comforter. Matt gets really hot easily so I figured let’s try a light quilt instead of a heavy comforter. So far, I LOVE it.

You can find the quilt and shams here on Target’s website. I did purchase the shams at a local Orlando Target, and they also had the quilt in stock in the store when I looked.

The three larger grey shams across the back I got at Stein Mart and I couldn’t find them on their site, but they are pretty standard that you could probably find at most home stores.

The front throw/lumbar pillow is also from Target, I’ve linked it for ya here.

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