Welcome To Florida; Where This Is Normal

December 2, 2018
Posted in Travel
December 2, 2018 Ashley

I’m a born and raised Floridian – something that can be pretty rare – but my fellow Floridians are just as spoiled: we get to see dolphins in the wild almost every time we go to the beach or on a boat.

This experience however, may not be as common, but it’s definitely possible. I was with Matt and my best friend Brittany, and her husband Stephen who is a firefighter/EMT and also a boat charter captain on the side.

We were on vacation in the Captiva Island area fishing, when a couple dolphins started circling our boat. Well, they originally came over because they probably were trying to steal fish off our lines (insider fact: true fisherman actually get very annoyed with dolphins for messing with their lines, trying to steal their fish, etc).

I was told it’s actually illegal to feed the dolphin, so we didn’t, but we were able to get these close interactions with these dolphins that clearly have had plenty of human interaction.

If you’ve never been down to Captiva Island, I highly suggest it as it is one of Florida’s special coastal towns.

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