Christmas “Experience” Gift Idea: Seaplane Style

December 18, 2018
Posted in Travel
December 18, 2018 Ashley

Anyone who knows me, knows at this point in my life I am more for making memories and enjoying experiences, than receiving any materialistic items when it comes to gifts. And, same when it comes to gift-giving from my side. If I’m going to buy a birthday or Christmas gift for someone special in my life, I just want to make sure it’s going to be something that person will enjoy.

Now first off let me start with the fact that I am admit-tingly am so over-the-top when it comes to being proud of my Florida roots, and all the fun-Florida adventures there are, OUTSIDE of the theme parks. Yes of course, those are all great too, but how about experiencing and being able to see what Florida’s all about, from say, a seaplane?!

If you’ve got someone in your life who appreciates travel and adventure – I wanted to share my experience over at Jones Brothers Air & Seaplane Adventures in Tavares, FL because it would be such a cool Christmas gift idea! (And no, they have not paid me to say this or to promote anything for them – it was just something I got to experience through work and someone asked me about it the other day for a gift for their wife).

You can go to Jones Bros. for a quick seaplane ride, a day-trip, and even wow-her with an amazing marriage proposal setup in a seaplane. They’ve also had people leave their weddings in a seaplane instead of driving off in a car – pretty cool! They also do bar crawls via seaplane – what a fun day trip that would be, all while your experienced pilot hops around Central Florida lakes!

To get a better idea of what Jones Bros. is all about, you can watch my experience below for a quick sneak peek into all they have to offer, and contact them today for a gift certificate or to ask any questions you may have!:


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