10-Min Blow-Dry; Hallelujah, Am I Right?!

December 30, 2018
December 30, 2018 Ashley

Working on a morning show really makes little time in the mornings to get ready (unless you want to wake up at 2am just to do your hair and makeup….no thanks). Some days however, when meetings are ahead, appearances, events, etc. I have no choice whether to do my hair in the morning or rush home in between meetings and events to get presentable to the general public. That being said, like you, being able to shorten the amount of time it takes to just blow dry my hair can really make a big difference.

So, I for once have found two products within the last few weeks that have seriously cut my blow dry time in half (I am in no way, shape, or form, being paid to endorse these products). It easily used to take me a solid 15 minutes to get my hair fully dry, but my hair stylist introduced me to a new Aveda product, “Speed of Light” which is a blow dry accelerator spray. I like Aveda products because they are all natural for the most part. I’ve been going to Aveda salons since I was in college and I swear, with all of the highlights, lowlights, etc. I’ve gotten over the years – it’s because their products are all natural that my hair has stayed in such decent shape. I do know this particular product does contain alcohol though to help with the quick dry. I’ve linked the product for you here, but I personally purchase mine at my hair salon in Winter Park (Matthew Michaels).


Secondly, I’ve sworn by my “Wet Brush” – but I found a different model of a “Wet” brush that is specifically built to allow air to flow through the back of it for quicker hair drying called the “flex dry brush.” I found mine at Ulta and linked it for ya here. If you have been living life without a “Wet Brush” in general – it’s life-changing – no joke. If you’ve still been yanking your hair through a brush, getting “snarls” out, etc. – a “Wet” brush slides right through your hair after a shower, it’s pretty insane. Like, why did any other brush exist before this?


If you’ve used these products or are going to try them out, definitely keep me posted if they work for you too, would love to hear about it!

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