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January 31, 2019
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January 31, 2019 Ashley

When it came to decorating the inside of our home, Matt left it up to me, or we decided on things together – but he mostly has left it up to me 😉 He was very open to letting me design and help with the interior. I, of course, for months, had been looking on Pinterest for ideas, and I didn’t want anything to be too generic, but also didn’t want everything to be exactly like the next.

That being said, we also had a general contractor with a knack for designing unique pieces, [wait till you see the light over the island! I’ll have a blog on that coming next….]

But for the shelving in our kitchen, I got this idea on, shocker; Pinterest. While getting rid of cabinet space can be a little scary in place of shelves – it was moreso one of those, “do we really need all these random cups?” questions to make room for really just the necessities – which has worked out just fine.

So, I worked with Gleman and Sons in Sanford to create these custom kitchen shelves. Matt and I went to the Gleman and Sons warehouse, picked out the slabs of wood that we liked, that had the coloration of what we were looking for, to go in our kitchen. The team at Gleman then literally took the completely untouched pieces of wood and created these beautiful poplar wood shelves:

I chose a few random pieces of decor I found at HomeGoods to spruce up the shelving. Our kitchen is grays, blues, and whites – so you can see the color choices on the shelving all go with that scheme.

Sidenote: Gleman and Sons can literally make you ANYTHING you want. They do the wood slab walls, custom furniture pieces, shelves like mine – and so much more. You bring them your ideas, and they can do it, PLUS they’re local and I love supporting local! You can visit their website here: to visit their warehouse and see how they can help your custom wood dreams come true 🙂

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